Smart EMS Electric Pulse Muscles Intensive Training Massager

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  • [Efficient Fitness-EMS Technology] You can gain tighter and stronger abdominal muscles and perfect figure after consecutive use of this product for 6-8 weeks (about 20 minutes per day, 5 times per week).EMS Technology, EMS (Muscle Stimulation Electrical) technology is through the current stimulation, directly to the signal to muscle, to promote muscle movement. No harm to human body and just let you enjoy scientific and healthy fitness equipment.
  • [Powerful Function] ABS for abdominal muscle training, body partial exercise. Adopt 10 different levels of intensity from warm-up to high-intensity exercise and finally to relaxation: fat burning, relaxation, and exercise.
  • [20 Minutes Per Day] Exercises with SHENGMI 20 minutes equal to 1500M running or Swimming/sit-ups 30 minutes.15-grade force/ 6 modes optional, one key ab workout fitness equipment.
  • [Easy to Use] Designed with ergonomics targeting abdominal muscle exercise. Fix the fitness gear to the position where you want to strengthen your muscle. Fitness anywhere/anytime that you want.

Product Features:

  1. It's light and portable.You can do muscle training in office, bedroom, or any place you want. Not just in the gym.
  2. Contact the skin patch with our soft PU material to ensure a comfortable workout. 
  3. When you peel the gel pad off your body for about 20~30 times, you need change new gel pads.
  4. It is a six-point pad for your abs, suitable for arm, waist, and leg muscles training.

  1. In view of the training needs from different parts of the body.
  2. Perfect fit the body curve, focus your attention on the location of the need to exercise more.
  3. It is not affected by time or place, no matter when and where you can follow one's inclinations of exercise.

Especially suitable for:
  1. Sports lovers
  2. Fitness Enthusiasts
  3. Computers, White collars, no time for gaming
  4. Lose weight faster
  5. Post-partum and more


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