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Product Features:

1. LC-X5, equipped QI wireless charging standard, charges all QI-enabled electronic products and solves the annoyance caused by various charging adapters in home and offices.
2. The conversion rate of X5 wireless charger is above 75%, which is the highest record among the market.
3. X5 takes advantage of the time to complete the phone charging. There is no need to take specified time to charge your phone, because it will charge your phone at spare time and make your phone ready to use.
4. Note: The wireless charging needs transmitter and receiver. The X5 is wireless charging transmitter and charging receiver is needed to enable wireless charging. Many phones are equipped with receiver, but most phones need to install receiver by yourself. Please make sure if your phones are equipped with receiver inside or not.

Product Parameter:

       1. Color: Black/ white 2. Wireless Distance: about 5 mm/ 0.20 inches 3. Input Voltage: 5V 2000mA  4. Output: 5V 1A  5. Frequency: 100-200kHz  6. Power Conversion Rate > 75%  7. The Most Suitable View Angle: 50 degree  8. The Most Suitable Humidity: 40% - 60%  9. Working temperature: -10-50 ℃  10. Applications: cafe shops, offices, home and so on.  11. Product Dimensions: about 14.5 x 8.5 x 0.95 cm/ 5.71 * 3.35 * 0.37 inches 12. Product Weight: about 75 g 


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